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I have been through many programs and worked with various personal coaches for years. April is the first to help me fully feel the pain and emotional trauma in my body, and actually do something with it. I feel like I can finally address and release the pain and old beliefs from my body for good now. April is amazing and I am looking forward to my next session with her, the investment is totally worth it!

April was instrumental in supporting me with releasing some blocks that I didn’t see, in order to allow me to be more free and open hearted on my path. The results have shown up in all aspects of my life, from my business to my relationships, to my own personal health!

April always approaches my sessions with loving guidance. She is there to make certain that I do not see my circumstance or memories as “good” or “bad”, only that I allow them to be experiences to grow from. The nurturing and non-judgmental way that she facilitates my work through my limiting beliefs is gentle and endearing. She’s always excited when we make progress and is patient when I am stalled. I always look forward to our sessions!