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About Me

Hi! My name is April Stickelman. I have helped people like you experience the great internal shift they need to lead a healthy life in the way they desire.

Through this experience, people have reported major emotional relief, a greater sense of awareness and a dramatic increase in energy!

A healthy lifestyle will look very different from person to person, so I will guide you through the process of choosing a wellness path that you will love!


Banning Massage School (500 Hours) 2004

Desert Resorts School of Somatherapy (CME 200+ Hours) 2005 - 2007


True Nature School of Yoga (200 Hours) 2008

Soul of Yoga (300 Hours) 2012


Missouri Dept of Health and Services - Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) 2002

I believe the true way for freedom in the human experience is to fully dive deep into the childhood and emotional blocks that are keeping us from reaching our dreams. April was instrumental in supporting me with releasing some blocks that I didn’t see, in order to allow me to be more free and open hearted on my path. The results have shown up in all aspects of my life, from my business to my relationships, to my own personal health!
— James Radina
James Radina, CEO of Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries and BioCBD+

James Radina, CEO of Evolved Ayurvedic Discoveries and BioCBD+



When I realized the importance of the nervous system in our overall wellbeing, I recognized the essential role that yoga plays. Inspired by that realization, in 2008, I completed my first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at True Nature School of Yoga in Oceanside, CA. I chose to complete my next 300hrs in 2012 at The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA.

Experiencing the true practice of yoga transformed my life so instantly and powerfully that I was able to gain energy from my work, as a massage therapist, rather than feel depleted as usual. This is why it lights me up to help others discover their true yoga path and create their own unique exploration of this powerful way of living.

Because I wanted to learn from the very best, in 2010 I accepted the position of healing arts practitioner at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA so that I could learn the ways of Ayurveda - So fascinating and powerful!

In 2014 I opened my own practice working with clients across the globe (sometimes in group settings) to help them enhance their quality of life and discover their inner fountain of youth.

My Journey


Graduating from Banning Massage School (of Desert Hot Springs, CA) in 2004 was the beginning of my career in the wellness industry. 

At Banning Massage school the emphasis was on physical therapy and provided a great depth of knowledge around maintaining the musculoskeletal, nervous and digestive systems for optimal well-being. Through continuous education and diving deeper into weird and interesting practices honed to heal the mind, body and spirit, I found a very obvious thread of truth. ENERGY WORK IS NERVOUS SYSTEM WORK! When we maintain a strong nervous system then our cells regenerate for optimal reproduction and we look and feel radiant.

If the nervous system weakens then our cells begin to adapt, malfunction and die and we look and feel more dull. YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM IS YOUR FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.

The more I practiced therapeutic massage with my clients, the more I realized how important it is to teach them about their nervous system.



"April's intuition, nurturing touch, mindful presence and heavenly essence leave me feeling like Divine perfection just happened. Frequently as she helps tune in my mind and body (with my higher self) valuable ideas flow in like crazy. Every session feels like complete care and attention are given. I highly recommend you experience her gifts." 

Eli - frequent client